Over 50%

of working days lost in Britain can be attributed to stress-related mental illness.
In 2019, mental illness in the workforce cost British industry an estimated



was lost though presenteeism (Staff present in the workplace but unable to work effectively).

The additional cost of sick leave, and "The Great Walkout" or "The Big Quit" ... was


Delloitte & Touche - Mental health and employers - refreshing the case for invesrtment - Jan 2020 

"Meditation programs, and in particular mindfulness programs, reduce multiple negative dimensions of ​psychological stress."

M. Goyal M.D. - Meditation Programs for Psychological Stress and Well-Being

BUT ... "As promising as mindfulness and other meditation systems may be, a common complaint is the time, patience, and discipline required to learn meditation ... Thus, a form of relaxation and stress relief that does not require a steep learning curve, or a great deal of discipline to utilize, could potentially be a huge benefit to human wellness and health."

T.L Goldsby PhD - Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditation on Mood, Tension and well-being - 2017

... and this is why Sound-Guided Meditation is so attractive.

Sound Therapy uses natural and traditional sounds to help participants to achieve a meditative state without the rigor of traditional techniques. 

After several years working with groups ranging from 6 to 30 persons, I can say with confidence that more than 95% of participants find it easy to achieve the "Meditative State" using our methods.

Working with Sound and Spirit

For a very modest investment, and with no major changes to your existing staff welfare program, We can provide a Sound Relaxation, Stress Relief or Stress Management Therapy program, tailored to your organisation's needs. We can work with groups of up to 30 persons, and can undertake multiple sessions per day if numbers exceed 30. These sessions can be arranged either in house, or at an alternative venue.

Who uses meditation in the workplace ?

The approach which these large companies are taking is not hard to implement. Whether you own a small business or work for a corporate giant, now is the ideal time to include our up-to-date version of these age-old practices as part of your way of balancing work and life.


Google was lucky enough to have one of their original software developers spearhead a program at Google that began in 2007 called, “Search Inside Yourself.” Google offers an on-site meditation space and meditation courses, believing that meditation can help improve not only employee mental health and well-being, but also the company’s bottom line.


Steve Jobs took a practice that worked for him and shared it with Apple’s corporate culture. He was considered a pioneer of “mind technology” when he introduced Zen mindfulness meditation to the corporate structure at Apple. Workers have access to a meditation room, 30-minute daily meditation breaks, and on-site yoga and meditation classes, which were all part of a process that Steve used to reduce his own stress, gain more clarity, and enhance his creativity.


Yahoo offers meditation rooms and free meditation classes for employees to benefit from and reduce stress while at work. It seems that tech companies like Yahoo are the early adopters of the mindful meditation at work culture with magazines like Fast Company touting meditation as a “must-do” to get hired.


Nike employs a mindfulness and meditation coach who led a workshop for a team of Nike employees. The team consisted of about 13 innovators who perform and execute significant duties. Most of them were focused on leading the global brand in new directions. Since then, mindful leadership events like this have become a benefit of working for the brand.