Experience the therapeutic power of sound, and resonance during a Sound & Spirit soundbath. Immerse yourself in the beneficial vibrations of gongs, chimes, drums, Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls and other instruments, surrender to a meditative and deeply relaxing state, de-stress, and improve personal and business productivity.

Sound Therapy

Our one-on-one sound therapy sessions combine  natural instrument sounds with a form of reflective self-enquiry enabling you to gain a deeper insight into your life-process and empower you to make, in some cases, life-changing improvements to your health and wellbeing.  

Therapy services are by arrangement only, following an initial session.


Based wholly on your needs, our individual coaching is tailored so that you may reach your goals in the healthiest and most comfortable way. Resolve emotional and/or spiritual issues or simply benefit from an unconditional listening ear.

Counselling services are by arrangement only, following an initial session.


Whatever your path may be, some form of regular guided meditation can be highly beneficial. Learn simple mindfulness, calming techniques, grounding and energy work, or experience a deeper form of spiritual contemplation.

Guidance can be tailored to meet specific Individual and group requirements.

"... really, got to say, I think yesterday was one of the most significant conversations of my life. Thank you so much again for being there. ... " - Mark M.

"Through Kevin's sound therapy i was able to explore an issue which has been with me since early childhood. Resolving this issue has improved my whole approach to life." - Sezgin I.

"Thank you Kevin for all your effort. Your spiritual speaking has helped me to become even more aware of my inner being" - Clint R.

"Kevin has done an exceptional job in making me feel at ease during the sessions. His professionalism and thorough knowledge of what he is doing has after a short (4 sessions) treatment time made a real change to my life. Highly recommended." - Nina C.